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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th November 2020 Written Update: Rehan all set act as vansh

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th November 2020 Written Update Telly Update for Colors TV Hindi Serial. On Monday episode going to reveled huge twist by makers. To know the IMMJ2 16 Nov 2020 Story subscribe for VOOT Select. After vansh death at VR Mansion lots of drama created by Anupriya to tell kabir is her son.

In latest promo Anupriya open the box which consists little child clothes and holds the clothes and crying. At that time Daadi, Ishani seen anupriya and asking what happen and why are crying. Also, daadi asking her daughter-in-law what is the box and who’s clothes it is. Then riddhima comes to them, seen the box.

At that time anupriya said to answer to all the family members this dress belongs to my son, At the age of 5 years for my son some one kidnapped him. Daadi, Ishan and Riddhima gets shocked to listen what anupriya said. When they discussing about anu son suddenly kabir reached VR Mansion and asking to anupriya who’s dress belongs this. Anu says it’s my dress, Kabir says mom.

After that Rehan seen Vansh wife photo, said i will come to VR Mansion. Full episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16 Nov 2020 Written Episode follow zeal study.

Today Episode 

Ishani, Chanchal discussing about properties. At that time aryan brings the file and says vansh bhai everything registered on Daadi. At that time ishani gets phone call. After that riddhima meets daadi, asking to what are you thinking. Daadi says today vansh 13th day so to do something for orphans. At that time parcel boy comes to VR mansion and given parcel to riddhima.

Riddhima said to anupriya you will get parcel. Anupriya open the box, seen clothes. Riddhima says i think this dress belongs to your son. Anupriya crying. Later riddhima seen a letter on box and read the letter. After that kabir reached VR mansion and said to riddhima i will come to here to say good bye because i will transferred to another city.

After that kabir seen the parcel and says this belongings belongs to me. Anupriya angry on kabir but kabir says a story i.e when iam 5 years old some one kidnapped me. Anupriya acts well, Kabir says i am your son. Anupriya hugs kabir. Then kabir asking to anupriya please come with me.

Daadi says please stop anupriya because she is my daughter-in-law & kabir if you stay here or not riddhima decided herself. Ishani think herself please riddhima said no but riddhima says yes. Anupriya says thanks to riddhima and leaves the place and went to her room and think about vansh. Other end vihaan said this is the correct time acts like vansh

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