Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16 October 2020 Written Update: Vansh know anu priya cheats him

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16 October 2020 Written Update full episode provided here. Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 85 Promo released. In this promo riddhima performing durga mata pooja. Daadi, ishani, vansh and other family members standing in front of riddhima while performing pooja. Daadi says if taking blessing from durga mata all the problems solved.

Vansh holds riddhima hands red color is symbol of blame. Chanchal says it’s already bad omen started. Then vansh says to chanchal asking to riddhima it’s shagun or apshagun. Also riddhima asking to anu priya do you try to change vansh mind. Anu priya what do you think about me, you also blaming vansh.

Otherend vansh said to family members today i will find who blaming me. Also, vansh says today i will prove who blames me their love, care just only drama. Anu priya i think riddhima. Vansh says no, anu priya maa cheat me. Mom i will trust you but you cheat me. For complete IMMJ2: 16 Oct 2020 Story follow zeal study.

IMMJ2 Oct 16 2020

Riddhima asking to daadi which saree iam wear for durga mata puja. Daadi given red color saree. After that mayura phone to riddhima, Both are exchanging navaratri wishes. Then mayura cuts the call. Angry asking to ishani change the dresss but ishani can’t listen angre voice. Later angre says daadi can’t like your dress.

Daadi asking to anu priya to let riddhima performing the pooja. After that vansh attended the pooja. Daadi says when vansh mother lefts him never celebrated navaratri. Aryan says everyone known his pain but riddhima don’t know vansh pain.

Anu priya says i have a son before marriage. All the family members surprised. Later someone kidnapped my son, I couldn’t findĀ  him till now. When riddhima know this matter she try to blackmails me. Riddhima asking to anu priya when did you blackmail. Vansh angry on riddhima and says my mom don’t lie at any cost.