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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14 January 2021 Written Update: Vansh apologies to riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14 January 2021 Written Update for Episode 166 that is vansh apologies to riddhima. riddhima sit inside the cab and close the door. After that vansh running to catch the cab and shouts riddhima please stop. Riddhima listen vansh words but can’t comeoutside and outside vansh fallen on the road and shouts riddhima loudly. Then cab started, few minutes later vansh turn backside and riddhima stands behinds him.

Later vansh running towards riddhima, Riddhima running towards vansh. After that vansh said to riddhima iam sorry and i will promise you riddhima from now i will make you happy, riddhima hugs vansh promo ends. To know today episode Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14 Jan 2021 Story follow web portal.

Today episode story begins with kabir, ahana, riddhima. Kabir said to ahana it’s golden opportunity to create problems to riddhima. Other end riddhima starts the pooja and explains what is sankranti. At that time ahana asking to riddhima wait with out competition i can’t feel festival. Also ahana said we both fly the kites who lose the kite they will leave the home. Riddhima said god with me, Aryan said to riddhima if god with you why you feel fear. Later ahana, riddhima both are ready to fly the kites.

When both fly the kites riddhima thread tie with riddhima sandals and riddhima kite cut by ahana. According to the deal ahana asking to riddhima i will won and you will leave the house. After that riddhima comes to vansh i will lose the deal so i will leave the house and i will leaves you. When riddhima speaks with vansh he can’t speak with her and kabir, ahana feels happy. Also riddhima said to vansh VR mansion is big but your soul is not like mansion so because of that i will went from this house. At that time vansh turn backside and leave the riddhima.

Later riddhima holds her bag, taken blessings from mata rani and went outside from mansion. Other end siya shouts vansh. Vansh listen the siya words, siya come outside from her. Later vansh and other family members met siya. Siya asking to vansh i will speak with riddhima. Ishani says riddhima leave the house. After that vansh come outside from mansion and shouts riddhima but riddhima sit inside the van.

Before vansh met riddhima ishani said to siya riddhima not good as you think. Siya says truth to vansh. Ishani said riddhima kills ragini. Siya says not riddhima anupriya kills ragini. Once know the truth vansh feel sad and kabir, ahana feels angry on siya to said truth to vansh. At outside riddhima sit inside the taxi, asking to driver go to airport. Vansh searching for riddhima at that time he gets riddhima’s kite. After that vansh recognized riddhima inside the taxi, vansh running behinds the taxi and stop the taxi and asking to riddhima please listen my words once again. Once riddhima come outside from the van vansh said what you said is correct and says iam sorry. Riddhima what is the use of sorry now, Vansh said to riddhima siya gets consious and she said to me you can’t cheat me

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