Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14 August 2020 Written Update: Vansh find riddhima at backyard

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14 August 2020 Written Update Colors, Voot Episode 28. IMMJ 2 14 August 2020 Written Update begins with vansh said to anger asking to leave desouza from house. Then dadi said to stop, asking vansh what happen to you, She is work in this house from past few years, Said to him don’t asking to her went outside. Then vansh said to dadi it’s ok and went from their, Desouza said thanks to dadi. At the same time ishani came to hall, think her self what happen here and remember herself what to do at kitchen. Then riddhima went to kitchen, check kheera.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14 August 2020 Written Update

After that dadi came to kitchen along with vansh mother. Vansh mother asking to riddhima what happen kheera and said to riddhima it’s bad sign. Then riddhima said to dadi i will switch the gas, came to downstairs, please trust me and if given some more time i will prepare some sweet. Dadi says ok, Riddhima prepared sweet infrent of dadi and vansh mother, placed in front of of lord krishna. At the same time vansh came to house, seen what riddhima did. After that riddhima said to vansh i will not prepared kheer but check sweet how it is. Later vansh check the sweet said to riddhima not bad. After that vansh said to his mother regarding meeting at 2.00 PM. When vansh came outside riddhima went to kitchen to clean the room. But desouza came to kitchen asking to riddhima leave the room, i will clean the room. But riddhima asking to desouza why if any one went backyard vansh imposed huge punishment. Then desouza says no one enters the backyard, don’t speak about backyard.

IMMJ 2 14 August 2020 Written Update

Later riddhima speaks with her self what happen to vansh if anyone enters the backyard. At the same time vansh attend the meeting, speaks with someone about deal, about pen drive. Other end riddhima try to went backyard before the vansh meeting. But when riddhima went to backyard aryan asking to her why feel fear, If need any help please ask me. Then riddhima said to him iam vansh wife, If i need any help i will ask to vansh.Then riddhima leave his sandals, enters the backyard and seen someones footsteps, follow the footsteps. After that riddhima enters the hidden room, seen what vansh hide the room along with women statue. When riddhima check the statue vansh came to backyard catch the riddhima, asking to riddhima what are you doing, desouza said to you regarding this statue. But riddhima said to vansh no. Then vansh said to riddhima don’t play with me