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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 13th January 2021 Written Update: Vansh shouts on Ahana


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 13th January 2021 Written Update for Episode 165 Vansh comes to siya room. At that time daadi, riddhima, Angre, Ishani, Kabir along with ahana stands a side in the siya room. Riddhima check siya health condition. Vansh said to family members what siya needs i will provided, If siya cure because of riddhima i will accepts riddhima appearance here. After that vansh playing basketball, Ahana come to met vansh and asking to him why you accepted when riddhima asking to you stay inside VR Mansion. Also ahana says if i can’t help you about riddhima matter you aim can not full filled, If your aim is successes what i will get in return.

Then vansh said to ahana i will promise you at any cost i will send you from this house and also vansh remembered you will performing a drama to become my wife, In real life your not my wife. Recap of IMMJ2 is riddhima comes to vansh and asking to him ahana is your wife and asking to vansh iam your wife so you have to informed press. Ishani comes to riddhima asking to her please stop nonsense. Riddhima said to her i know you from first day and you can’t love me. Chanchal asking to riddhima who are you, Riddhima says you are all know about me. At final riddhima asking to angre do you know me, Angre says we don’t know you. Later vansh asking to riddhima madam who are you, Press people asking to vansh but why she said riddhima rai singhania.

Later vansh says i think she feel stress and asking to angre please given water to her. Angre given water, Riddhima thrown glass. After that riddhima says you are all cheat me but daadi can’t cheat me. Later riddhima shouts daadi please come here and informed to them iam riddhima rai singhania and wife of vansh. Daadi comes to riddhima and asking to her who are you, iam first time seen you. Ahana, Kabir shocked to listen daadi words, Daadi asking to vansh please call to doctor and asking to him come here. Press people asking to vansh who is she and why she did this drama. Angre says please stop asking this type questions because it’s our family matters. Vansh said to riddhima if you prove yourself i will given oppertunity to you.

Then riddhima comes to vansh room and searching marriage photos. Once entered the vansh room riddhima shocked to seen vansh ahana marriage photos and angry on vansh. To know Written Episode Story follow and know episode 165 story.

Today episode story

Doctor said to riddhima please stay with siya because she responded well when you with her, Doctor leave the room. Ishani angry on riddhima and asking to her leave the VR mansion and said to her i will take care of siya. Vansh said to family members riddhima stay here when siya gets consious and all the family members leaves siya room.


Riddhima says thanks to mata rani to listen her pray. After that vansh played basketball and remembered himself riddhima words. After that ahana comes to vansh and asking to him why you accepted when riddhima stay here. Vansh asking to ahana don’t play drama with me because your not my real wife and hits his hand to wall and injured himself. Daadi comes to vansh and asking to him why you do this. Vansh said to daadi i will close all the doors for riddhima but every time she fails my plans and crying. Daadi said to vansh riddhima cheat you and i will trust her but she cheating you and i will with you.

Ishani asking to vansh because of siya you accepted riddhima appearance. Vansh said to angre prepare best equipment’s to cure siya. At siya room riddhima asking to siya you cured very fast and you tell them everything. When riddhima speaks with siya vansh comes to her room and help to siya to drink water. After that ishani said to family members to do anything and seperated riddhima from vansh. Chanchal says we plan everything and apply the plan perfectly. Aryan says yes we plan perfectly, Ahana said to ishani vansh is mine and this house mine.

Vansh said to riddhima you stay at guest house, Riddhima informed to vansh ok i will not come to your room and also riddhima says iam your wife. Vansh says because of two reasons you will here first one is siya and second one yes Sankranti. Riddhima says tomorrow sankranti and it’s a new year and new start for me. Vansh think himself in my heart you have small amount of place, Riddhima says sankranti and i will regain your trust, Vansh leave the room and kabir seen riddhima and think himself because of siya you here now and because of siya you will went outside from the VR mansion.

After that at night time unknow person hold the weapon and try to kill riddhima but riddhima recognized and wake up from bed but suddenly unknown person escape from the room, riddhima thinks it’s dream or real. At that time riddhima listen footsteps, vansh comes to her room and asking to riddhima what happen. Riddhima says i think someone come to my room.

Later ishani, ahana, chanchal comes to kitchen and mix kerosene on the oil. After that riddhima entered the kitchen, use the oil. At that time riddhima recognized bad smell and try to check what it is but suddenly fire comes from the bowl. Later riddhima recognized ahana, ishani and chanchal did this and asking to them don’t do it again.


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