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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 12th November 2020 Written Update: Vansh jumping into caves

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 12th November 2020 Written Update For Colors Tv Episode 112. IMMJ Season 2 Episode 112 released today after noon at VOOT Android App. Also, Colors TV telecasted this serial on 7.00 PM today According to the Indian Standard Time. Who miss yesterday episode check story on Mx Player App.

Today Episode Promo begins with kabir, vansh. Kabir can’t taken vansh to station. In the middle of station kabir stop the van and both kabir and vansh fight each other in front of sharma. Then after kabir holds the gun and said to him i will shoot you and asking him last wish, said i will complete your last wish.

After that riddhima comes to vansh and kabir. Vansh said to riddhima you cheat me, Riddhima cries. Later Vansh jumped into cave, riddhima try to stop him but vansh fallen into cave, Promo ends. For complete story of IMMJ2 follow online web portal.

Today Episode

Today episode vansh think herself riddhima cheat me and remembered his marriage day. Kabir says checkmate mr.vansh and you lose and i won, said to vansh you arrested mr.vansh. At that time anupriya says don’t arrested my son. Kabir said to anupriya if you come between me and vansh you also gets arrested. Vansh says don’t do anything for my mom.

Kabir arrested vansh and think himself no one save you vansh rai singhania. Other end riddhima running towards to VR Mansion, Kabir asking to vansh get into the vehicle, anupriya asking to kabir please leave my son. Kabir said to anupriya please said your son good luck.

Kabir taken vansh to jail, Anupriya smiles and says wow finally vansh from now onwards your failure started. After that riddhima seen vansh sit on police vehicle and follows the vehicle. Kabir said to sharma please taken right, Sharma said police station right side. Kabir says what iam saying you can do that.

Kabir closes vansh eyes with black color clothe. After that riddhima drive the car, anupriya shoots riddhima vehicle. Anupriya phone to kabir but his phone out of network. Later kabir remove the black cloth, asking to vansh are you shocked. Vansh says no, Kabir says if you are in jail your lawyer try to save you so i can’t do that and asking to vansh let’s leave us. Vansh walking, Kabir point the gun, starts shooting on vansh.

But vansh misses it and asking to kabir shoot in front of me, Kabir says ok but vansh hits kabir and both are starts fight & riddhima reached the vansh. After that vansh said riddhima you cheat me and jumped into caves, riddhima cries.

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