Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11th March 2021 Written Update: Kabir try to killed vansh

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 214 aired on 11th March 2021 on 7.00 PM. Before Television this episode available for Voot Premium Subscribers today 7.30 PM. To get latest Colors TV Hindi Serial Alerts before Television subscribe VOOT membership. In previous episode ishani given the parcel to vansh, vansh asking to ishani leave the room.

Ishani leave the room and hides herself behind the door and listen what vansh, riddhima speaks i.e vansh said to riddhima we get fake passports to leave the country after today’s party over. Once know the truth ishani informed to anupriya about vansh plan. After that vansh, riddhima comes to daadi room and asking her to went for brundavan trip. Daadi, Sayi accepted to went the trip.

Vansh, Riddhima all set for daadi, sayi travel trip. After that vansh all set for party, Kabir entered VR Mansion as Jaideep Rajawat and presents wine bottle to vansh. Also jaideep surprised vansh with dancer performing item song. Once dancer performing the dance put tracking chip on vansh dress to tracks vansh movements. To know what next in upcoming episode follow zeal study web portal.

IMMJ2 11th March 2021 Written Update

Here it is the upcoming episode spoiler i.e Riddhima performing the dance along with her husband vansh. All the members who attend the party encouraged them. After that kabir asking to his assistant killed vansh. At that time vansh suddenly fallen on the floor. To know what next follow zeal study

  • Vansh said to angre keep eye on everyone who attend the party and i will went riddhima room because she still couldn’t come out from her room
  • After that vansh comes to riddhima room, riddhima said some one try to attacking on me
  • Later vansh, riddhima went to diamaa, vansh asking to diamaa how dare you try to kill my wife
  • At that time riddhima recognized diamaa leg injury, Vansh said i think she is the person yesterday entered your room to kill you
  • After that vansh removes diamaa makeup and realised it’s anupriya. Later vansh said to her anupriya you escaped from jail but not from me and try to kill her. But riddhima said to vansh please given to anupriya antidote because our child once entered this world feel proud.
  • Then vansh given antidote anurpriya, leave the house. Later kabir entered riddhima room and recognized anupriya. Anupriya asking to kabir need a help but kabir said no because our roots now seperated but still i love you and leave the room
  • Both vansh, riddhima entered party area, jaideep asking to vansh and riddhima performing the dance. When both performing the dance ishani mixed poison on the juice, asking to servent given to riddhima. But angre recognized ishani plans and change the glass.
  • Riddhima drink the juice but cannot happen to her, Ishani think how it is possible. Then angre comes to ishani said to her i know your plan and i will changed the glass.
  • Other end vansh and riddhima went to their room, vansh said to riddhima you must wait at secret room and once this party is over i will meet you at secret room. Riddhima said yes. Kabir listen vansh and riddhima words and think himself vansh i know your plan.
  • Later vansh, riddhima return to party area and asking to angre if you recognized anything mysterious. Angre says no. Vansh asking to angre where is jaideep. At upstairs jaideep said to his assistant killed vansh at anycost.
  • Other end vansh said to angre search for jaideep but he come from upstairs. Vansh said to riddhima still 5 mintutes left you must ready. Other end kabir assistant shoot a bullet on vansh and kabir fallen on the floor. Riddhima shouts vansh.