Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11 October 2020 Written Update: Kabir entered VR Mansion

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11 October 2020 Written Update available on Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11 October 2020 Episode 80 Full Episode Promo released. Once IMMJ2: 11 Oct 2020 promo begins riddhima asking to siya all where it is drainage connection connected area.

Then riddhima use secret door, went to basement area to know where sejal is. Once reach the basement area riddhima shouts sejal name, Sejal seen riddhima but she can’t speaks anything. At the same time Kabir reached Vansh mansion. Daadi asking to Kabir who are you. Kabir said to daadi iam badrinath. Daadi says it’s ok let’s come.

After that Kabir went to basement area, Searching for sejal, Other end riddhima searching for sejal also, Promo ends. IMMJ2 Episode 80 released on VOOT select app today as per the schedule for premium users only. To know full story of this serial follow zeal study.

IMMJ2 11 Oct 2020 Episode Story

Riddhima recognized the sejal voice, Aryan close sejal mouth and chanchal hits on sejal head with rod and build the wall. Then riddhima asking to siya about where is the end of drainage system, siya say at basement. Riddhima went to the basement through secret room, shouts sejal name.

Sejal seen riddhima but riddhima can’t seen her because of the wall. Chanchal and aryan think themselves how riddhima come here. At the same time anu priya reached the basement. After that riddhima recognized the newly built the wall and try to destroy it and at the same time aryan try to hits riddhima with rod but suddenly daadi shouts riddhima name.

Riddhima listen daadi voice, Riddhima meets daadi then daadi said let’s prepared for laxmi naryan vrat. Riddhima asking to daadi but vansh not at here. Daadi said to her at any cost he reached the house tomorrow.

After that kabir reached VR House, Daadi asking to him who are you. He introduced as a Badrinath. Then daadi said yes ok. Then kabir close the door. Later anu priya asking to riddhima help to siya for ready for vrat. She said ok and leaves the hall. After that anu priya said all the best to kabir. Other end aryan asking to sejal why riddhima life in danger but she don’t say anything.

Kabir comes to basement, Aryan angry on kabir and said to him you are naukar of this house why you came here. Then kabir leaves the basement area. Later aryan brings sejal to chanchal room, informed to Chanchal sejal in your room. After that vansh phone to riddhima. At that time riddhima recognized sejal watch

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