Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 10th September 2020 Written Update: Vansh Presents Gift

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 10th September 2020 Written Update Spoiler/ Promo starts with IMMJ2 vansh family members. Daadi, Anu Priya, Ishani, Aryan and his father/ mother went outing to farmhouse. Once all the family members leaves the house vansh close the doors, Said with riddhima today is last day in your life. Riddhima sensing that her life in danger. After that vansh closes riddhima eyes with napkin, She asking to vansh what are you doing and why did this to me. Later vansh holds riddhima hands taken into their room.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 10th September 2020 Written Update

Once reach the room vansh says i am presenting remarkable surprises to you and open the her eyes and presenting her statue. Later riddhima remembers whats daadi says. Complete written update provided here shortly..

In previous episode riddhima send ragini dairy to kabir, Vansh asking his family members to spend some time at farmhouse. To know Episode 51 Updates follow zeal study

IMMJ2 10th Sep 2020 Episode

IMMJ2 Episode 51 begins with huge twist. Here it is the complete story vansh vs Kabir. Vansh

  • Vansh thrown flower thread on sunny and say your the first person seen own last rituals. Then sunny smiles and said money to do anything vansh bhai.
  • Later vansh said to sunny i seen it when riddhima given torch signal to someone. At that time i am decided to play some drama with her. So that’s why i will asking you here to know the person who helped her
  • In the flashback vansh meets sunny said i know you date with ishani for money only and given huge money to sunny said acts as what i said, Sunny agreed for that and hold the money bag. Also, in flashback sunny meets riddhima asking about ragini. After that sunny spread blood type oil on body fell down at garden acts as a dead person. Riddhima once reach the garden think herself sunny died
  • Later Sunny explained to vansh what riddhima and anger enters vansh room & asking to vansh why you said to kept dairy at gardern
  • Vansh said sometimes to win the war to do something like this and explains to anger why because to know the who is riddhima partner and why he is trying to help riddhima
  • Also, vansh informed to anger if delivery boy deliver the dairy to respective address then start the game
  • After that anu priya asking to vansh if you both stay here feel boring. Vansh says no because i will prepared a schedule. Siya says wow vansh bro and asking to vansh i think it’s full romantic schedule
  • Then after kabir get the dairy which is send by Riddhima. Once seen the dairy kabir says i know riddhima you did it.
  • Later daadi asking to riddhima why did you feel nerves. Vansh said don’t worry daadi i am taking care of her. After that all the family members leave the house
  • Once they leave the house vansh close the doors, Riddhima seen the slip i.e please save me” stars crying and think herself kabir did not get my message, he can’t help me
  • Kabir read the dairy, Once he read the first few papers think himself why can’t ragini can’t written his memories on other paper and try to find something on other pages.
  • Few seconds later kabir use lighter and heat the paper. After that few words display on the paper i.e to save your partner must come VR mansion today evening.
  • After that Kabir recognized vansh traped him, Think himself if i can’t went to VR mansion vansh hurts riddhima, Decided to go VR Mansion