Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 10th March 2021 Written Update: Anupriya try to kill riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 10th March 2021 Episode 213: Upcoming episode IMMJ2 gets lots of curiosity because riddhima in grave danger because anupriya once know riddhima is pregnant decided to kill her. Premier episode of respective serial available on 7.30 PM today on VOOT Select for premium subscribers only.

In last episode Vansh, Angre known aryan and kabir real truth. Once known the truth vansh decided to kill kabir but anupriya switch of the power main, helps kabir to escape from the VR Mansion. Also in previous episode anupriya, kabir known riddhima is pregnant, Kabir asking to his mom don’t kill riddhima and her child.

But once kabir escaping from the VR Mansion anupriya phone to vansh as a delivery boy and said to him sir you will get the parcel so you have to sign on the papers and gets the parcel. Then vansh decided to went to downstairs to taken the parcel and reached the outside and phone to delivery boy but it’s unreachble. Later vansh asking to security about parcel. Security says no one come here.

Vansh recognized something happens to riddhima, Anupriya reached the riddhima room when she sleep on the bed. Later anupriya hold the knife to kill riddhima. To know what happen in the next episode follow zeal study web portal.

IMMJ2 10th March 2021 Written Update

Anupriya entered riddhima room and try to killed riddhima but riddhima fight with her and she don’t anupriya try to kill her. Other end vansh running towards her room and thrown injection on anupriya, Anupriya escaped from riddhima room. After that vansh said to riddhima no problem riddhima at any cost i will find who is the killer because i have a antidoss.

Later vansh speaking to Sinhania about party. At the same time ishani comes to vansh room and iven parcel to him. Vansh asking to ishani leave the room. Once ishani leave the room vansh open the parcel, shown passporta to riddhima. Once riddhima seen the passports said to vansh in this passports our names is diffrent. Then vansh said yes because with this passports we leave the area.

Ishani listen vansh, riddhima conversation. Vansh said to riddhima we are live in new york soon. Ishani think herself at any cost your plans not happens. Other end daadi speaking with diamaa, vansh and riddhima entered daadi room. Daadi asking to vansh please come and sit. Vansh sit with daadi and daadi asking to vansh what happens.

Then vansh try to said something to daadi but riddhima signal to him don’t says anything. Then vansh asking to daadi past few months onwards you asking to me about brundavan trip. Daadi said ok and vansh said to daadi you ready now because i will plan the trip now.After that vansh hugs daadi, daadi said to vansh why you feel emotional, Riddhima also hugs daadi.

Anupriya said to ishani about brundavan trip plan and asking to ishani did you know anything about them. Ishani said i know their plan i.e vansh organizing the party to distractingg us and escape from newyork. Also, ishani said i will speaking with chachi and aryan and you speaking with kabir. After that ishani leave the room and anupriya try to phone kabir but her hands not working.

After that vansh think himself injection starts working as soon as possible i will gets who is the killer. Other end power gone in riddhima room and riddhima shouts vansh. Other end kabir entered VR Mansion as a jayadeep and given important wine bottle to vansh. Also jaydeep surprised vansh with dancer. Later vansh dance with dancer for IMMJ2 title track.

After that dancer placed chip (which is given by kabir to know the vansh movements) on vansh pocket. To know upcoming episode story follow zeal study