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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 10th December 2020 Written Update: Daadi Shocking Decision

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 10th December 2020 Written Update for Episode 136 Promo. Ishani crying and said to he his not my vansh bhai. Riddhima decided to prove vihaan as vansh and said to daadi no he his our vansh. Ishani shown to daadi Vansh Rai Singhania Signature Practice Papers. After that daadi doubt creats on both vansh and vansh raj singhania.

Later daadi slaps on riddhima cheek said to her you have only three hours to prove he his a vansh other wise i will kill you. Then kabir entered the scene comes to vansh said to him i think you come here because of properties.

In previous episode ishani gets pain, doctor check her said to VR Singh Family ishani drinks poisonous drink. After that kabir proved vansh did this. Later Ishani said your not my vansh. Vansh asking to vansh if your my brother informed to me baby names but vansh said wrong.

Today Episode Story

Daadi given 3 hours time to riddhima. After that kabir house arrested vansh. Later riddhima comes to kabir room and asking him to leave the house and said to him i will speak with vansh. Kabir leave the house and explains her plan to vansh.

Later riddhima asking to lord ganesh help me. Angre comes to her know one help you. Then riddhima convience him finally. After that aryan comes to kabir ramanan blackmail me because he recorded the call when iam order the powder. Kabir said given how much money he wants but he don’t it’s riddhima plan.

Aryan went outside, given money to him but aryan don’t know angre comes in place of ramanan. Once aryan given money to him angre shown his face, Aryan shocked. Vansh said to kabir your game will ended because riddhima already finds the truth. Angre, aryan come inside the home. Kabir and Vansh comes to downstairs and aryan except he buy the powder.

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