Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1 September 2020 Written Update: Riddhima accepts her mistake

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1 September 2020 Written Update provided here. IMMJ2 1 Sep 2020 Episode anu priya said to riddhima about vansh childhood life and every day he his burning inside because what his mother do for him but i am try to help him come out that matter but you came here and play with his emotions to act like his mother. After that anu priya given his dress and gloves asking to riddhima go and said to vansh about me. Riddhima says what you explained to me know everyone not only vansh and leave from their and calling to vansh.

Vansh come from upstairs at that time vansh family members come outside from their rooms. Later riddhima says i will fire your mother painting and says you want to me leave the house now what you think about me it’s happen. When she leave the house say sorry to lard ganesh because i will not participating visarjan

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1 September 2020 Written Update

When riddhima try to went outside dadi asking to her you really leave the house, I know you did wrong but what you did not right but vansh says i will not excuse her. At that time dadi said to vansh when you angry don’t think what is right and what is wrong and now in our home lord ganesh idol and now you asking to leave the Lakshmi

Later vansh said because of dadi i am accepting to stay riddhima here but remember you stay away from me. After that riddhima says thanks to dadi, Dadi says remember what vansh said & can’t repeat. When everyone leave the hall anu priya asking to riddhima why did you say truth to vansh. Riddhima says i know the family values because i am orphan.

IMMJ2 1 September 2020 Written Episode

But anu priya says stop the ruppish words. After that riddhima went to her room. When riddhima went upstairs any priya think her self riddhima reach the ragini statue later hidden room if iam leave her she find anything in this house

When riddhima reach her room aryan asking her initially you says i can’t do anything later accept the mistake. After that riddhima given warning to aryan and leave from their. Once riddhima leaves aryan think her self when given warning to me think yourself.

Other end vansh close his room door when riddhima reached he open the door. Once riddhima went inside the room she seen what vansh did (Vansh burns riddhima photos)