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Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st December 2020 Written Update: Vansh says i want divorce


Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st December 2020 Written Update Episode 128 VOOT MX Player. Today begins with ishan said to vansh once you leave the house riddhima taken charge on VR mansion. Daadi said to vansh what ishani said is wrong because i am asking to riddhima must lead the VR mansion, she accepted it. Later vansh asking to riddhima after my death riddhima ready to marry my enemy, also vansh asking to riddhima you don’t get my body, you don’t check for me at nearest hospitals.

Riddhima said no vansh, Daadi asking to vansh please be claim because we are asking to riddhima must to do marry to kabir. Ishani said to daadi don’t support bhabi because she asking to kabir to search for vansh & he his enemy of vansh bhai. Kabir listen silently and think himself i did a mistake if i killed ishani she don’t speak now. After that ishani said to kabir my brother return to VR mansion, he his real king. Later ishani said to vansh riddhima supports kabir that’s why he entered VR mansion.

After that vansh destroy everything at marriage stage. Riddhima proud to seen vihaan acting, Kabir think herself must do something to escape from this incident. Later kabir said vansh we trying to find your body but we can’t get it and i will check nearest hospitals but we can’t get any any news. After that kabir asking to vansh you must agree one thing i.e me and my mom leave the house. Before leaving the house kabir asking sorry to daadi & riddhima smiles.


Vansh asking to kabir and his mom please stop. Kabir said to his mom i know vansh stop us. Ishani said i don’t know what vansh bhia did now. Then vansh said to kabir you taken something important for me i.e tredtional turban. Kabir remove the turban from his head and given to vansh and think him self i think he his not real vansh and leave the house. Riddhima said thank lord bappa.

After that daadi shouts stop, Kabir said not this time. Daadi asking to kabir please stop and speaking with vansh i.e i think your not my because he don’t destroy the relations. Later vansh accepted daadi words and hugs kabir, said to him well played kabir. Riddhima feels said because daadi stops kabir.  After that vansh said to riddhima i want divorce. Daadi crying. Vansh asking to riddhima leave the house and stay at out house.


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