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Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th February 2021 Written Update: Riddhima reveal the truth or not

Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th February 2021 Written Update for episode 190. 24 hours before tv on voot app premier episode of IMMJ2 available today after 7.30 PM for premium subscribers. To know the premier episode story subscriber for VOOT Select Monthly or Annual. Before subscribe voot select verify the monthly or annual plan. For more upcoming Colors TV Hindi Serial Spoilers follow zeal study online web portal.

In previous episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan Season 2 Riddhima hides the truth i.e she is pregnent but kabir know the truth. But when riddhima try to say the truth to her husband ishani creates a sudden drama again riddhima unable to inform to vansh she is pregnant. Also in previous episode kabir saves riddhima when chanchal try to catch the pregnancy’s test report but suddenly kabir catches report again saves riddhima from chanchal, ishani.

Later both kabir, vansh went outside from VR Mansion, Suddenly vansh stops the car to buy rose flowers to riddhima because of rose day. At that time women who lose her husband because vansh met vansh and said to him your son suffered what my son at suffered. Then vansh, kabir return to home, Chanchal husband brings the files to shown vansh but vansh angry on him.

Today episode story

Kabir said to riddhima vansh not love his children, Riddhima said how you can say like this because he his my husband and i know how he react. Kabir asking to riddhima go to vansh and said to him about your pregnancy. Riddhima says once correct time is come i will informed to him, vansh come to downstairs. After that vansh asking to riddhima where are you going iam searching for you. Riddhima says i will come to you, Kabir think if vansh not ready for childrens i will accept your children.

Angre come to vansh informed to him about ishani. Kabir comes to vansh and informed to him today rose day so why we would celebrate rose day party for ishani. Vansh said to angry let’s prepare for rose day party. After that riddhima come with coffee cups to inform about her pregnancy. At that time both are said i have a surprise for you. Then vansh informed to riddhima about rose day party and surprise with roses and said to her happy rose day. Then riddhima feels happy for vansh surprise.

After that vansh asking to riddhima about surprise. Then riddhima holds coffee cups suddenly vansh remembered ishani medicine time and asking to riddhima you can inform me about your surprise later. Then kabir again change dress for riddhima photo, Again riddhima try to inform to vansh about pregnancy and finally informed to vansh to wear a t-shirt i.e we become a mom and dad. Later riddhima realized it’s a  dream. After that angre recognized a photo of riddhima which is covered with betshit. Then kabir feels angry on angre, to escape from that incident he fires the photo. Then vansh comes to kabir room and asking to him what is this and why it’s burning.

Then kabir said it’s my project, Vansh asking to angre bring ishani to party area and begins the party. Once party begins all the family members given roses to ishani and said happy rose day.

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