COVID-19 Alerts: India’s COVID-19 Positive Cases Raise to 11,439

Ministry of Health and Family says India’s COVID-19 Positive cases raise to 11,439 (including 9756 active positive cases, 1306 cured/ discharged/ migrated and total deaths are 377 till 15th April 2020, 8.00 GMT+5.30. In the last 24 hours  38 deaths and 1076 positive cases reported across the country.

In India at present Maharashtra state-reported a high number of COVID-19 positive cases. As per the Government of Maharashtra, the Public Health Department released health bulletin 14th April 2020 259 cured/ discharged/ migrated, 350 new Corona Virus cases and 18 deaths reported, A total number of reported at Maharashtra is 2684.

Also, at Delhi total cases is 1561 as on 14th April 2020 9.15 PM and 51 new cases reported and 31 Discharged/ Migrated out, 30 deaths occurred.

India’s COVID-19 Positive Cases Raise to 11,439   

As per the MOHFW released health bulletin COVID-19 count in India is 11,439. Only on 14th April 2020, nearly 1076 new cases reported. At Maharashtra on yesterday, 350 fresh positive cases reported and at Tamil Nadu, National Capital cross 1000 plus +ve cases.

The Department of Medical, Health & Family Welfare Government of Rajasthan says 34928 total sample collected, 29376 negative cases reported, 1005 positive cases, 147 cured/ Recovered & 4547 reports awaited as on 14.04.2020 at 9.00 PM.

PMO India addressing the National for 4th Time 

Due to rises of COVID-19 cases in India the Honorable prime minister Shri Narendra Modi Gardu addressing the nation for 4th time on COVID-19 pandemic. Honorable PM of India says to prevent the spread of Corona Virus extended the lockdown till May 3rd. The complete guidelines on extension of lockdown announced today

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