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India crosses 100000 COVID-19 Cases, 0.2 deaths per lakh population

India Crosses 100,000 COVID-19 Cases. Across the India total covid-19 cases is 101139, Active cases is 58802, Recovered is 39173 and deaths is 3163. In last 24 hours all over the country reported 4970 new COVID-19 positive cases.

Just now Ministry of Health and Family Welfare released press note. As per the press release India has about 0.2 deaths/ lakh population compared to approx. 4.1 deaths/ lakh population for the world so far, more than 24 lakh samples have been tested.

Also MOHFW mention i.e ” A record number of 1,08,233 samples were tested yesterday in the country. So far a total 24,25,742 samples have been tested

During last 24 hours, a total of 2,350 COVID-19 patients have been cured. Thus so far 39,174 patients have been cured of COVID-19. Also recovery rate of 38.73% amongst COVID-19 patients. Also as per MOHFW release press release Only approx 2.9% of the cases are in ICU

India crosses 100000 COVID-19 Cases, 0.2 deaths per lakh population

According to the MOHFW India Posted press release in terms of case mortality per lakh population india has so far about 0.2 deaths per lakh population vis-a-vis approx. 4.1 deaths per lakh population for the world as a whole.

Countries Total Deaths Case mortality per lakh population
World 3,11,847 4.1
United States of America 87180 26.6
The United Kingdom 34636 52.1
Italy 31908 52.8
France 28059 41.9
Spain 27650 59.2
Brazil 15633 7.5
Belgium 9052 79.3
Germany 7935 9.6
Iran 6988 8.5
Canada 5702 15.4
Netherlands 5680 33.0
Mexico 5045 4.0
China 4645 0.3
Turkey 4140 5.0
Sweden 3679 36.1
India 3163 0.2


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