Important Mathematics Questions 17 August 2020. Check solutions/ Ans

Important Mathematics Questions 17 August 2020. Least perfect square, which is divisible by each of the number; 11, 21, 36, and 66 is. Solution for this question explained below. Check the complete solution

Answer: You need to calculate LCM of 11, 21, 36 & 66 i.e 11=11 x 1, 21= 3×7, 36= 2x2x3x3, 66= 2x3x11. LCM = 2x2x3x3x7x11= 2² * 3² * 77. Then need to multiply with 77 to get square. Least perfect square equal to

  • = 2² * 3² * 77 * 77
  • = 2² * 3² * 77 ²
  • = 462²
  • = 213444

Second Question is arrange the words given below in a meaningful sequence. 1. probation 2. interview 3. Selection 4. appointment letter 5. advertisement 6. application. Answer for this question is advertisement application interview selection appointment letter.

3rd Question: Two resistors is series draw a 5 ampere from a 30V source. If the value of the second resistor is doubled, the current drops to 3 ampere. Determine the resistances. (Answer) Updated Soon

Important Mathematics Questions 17 August 2020

Here it is the today important mathematics question. I.e A cutting machine cuts lengths of steel with a standard deviation of 2 mm The machine is set so that the mean length is 3000 mm. The lengths are approximately normally distributed. In one run, the machine cuts 600 lengths. On average, how many would you expect to be more than 3003.5 mm long? Give the answer to the nearest whole number

5th Question: Sushil sold 100 lottery tickets in which 4 tickets carry prizes. If sushma purchased a ticket, what is the probability of her winning a prizes ?

6th Question: for a certain commodity the demand equation giving demand `d` in kg for a price `p` in rupees per kg is d=100[10-p].the supply equation giving the supply s in kg for a price p in rupees per kg is S=75[p-3]. the market price is such at which demand equals supply .find the market price and quantity that will be bought and sold