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Idhayathai Thirudathe 4.12.2020 Written Update: Shiva Saves Saravanan


Idhayathai Thirudathe 4.12.2020 Written Update For Episode 215 Season 1. In this episode promo Saravanan comes to downstairs, seen wedding board that is D. Saravanan weds Priya. After that performing dance for O Priya Song. At that time Priya boyfriend hits saravanan shoulders to stop the marriage with priya. After that Saravanan gets unconscious mode.

Once he went unconscious mode priya boyfriend packed saravanan inside the plastic bag and taken outside the hall. At that time shiva comes to the gang and asking them what is inside the bag. Then prigya boy friend said flowers inside the bag. Then shiva calling to his friends and asking them to help priya boy friend to carry the flowers bag. Shiva friends said ok and carry the bag to another room.


After that shiva leaves his friends because he gets the phone call. Shiva friends once reached the room asking to priya boyfriend let’s open the bag with knife. At that priya boyfriend and his friends feel fear, said to shive friends we went to toilet. Once they leave shiva friends think why they are went to toilent & open the bag.

Once open the bad they seen unconscious Saravanan. For more Idhayathai Thirudathe 4/12/2020 Story follow


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