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Idhayathai Thirudathe 3.12.2020 Written Update: Sahana Tries To Convince Priya


Idhayathai Thirudathe 3.12.2020 Written Update for Episode 211 Tamil Colors Tamil Tv Serial. In this episode spoiler Saravanan, Sahana, Priya stands in one room. At that time sahana holds a paper, priya taken the paper and also, said to saravanan this is waste paper. Then saravanan feels pain, Priya asking to saravanan let’s leave my room.

Then saravanan folds a letter which is given by priya, said to her i leave the room. Once saravanan leaves the room sahana asking to priya why did you tortured him and asking to her why did you avoid him. Shiva speaks with someone on the phone. At that time saravanan comes to downstairs.


Once saravanan comes to shiva asking to him what happen. At that saravanan crying and thrown letter on shiva face. Shiva asking to saravanan what happen, Saravanan said she said it’s a waste paper. Shiva made a rocket with paper and said to saravanan must updated yourself. Also shiva informed to saravanan if this rockets hits a photo your marriage happen with priya.

Then saravanan asking to shiva please thrown rocket correctly, Shiva hits rocket on photo and rockets hits photo, saravanan hugs shiva. For more updates follow web portal.


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