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Honda unveils the EM1, Their First Electric Scooter

Honda, a Japanese company, has released its first electric scooter, the EM1. Two months after the model’s announcement in September of last year, it was unveiled. With the EM1, Honda hopes to draw in young people and customers looking to buy  e-scooter.

The ‘Honda Mobile Power Pack e’ internal Lithium-Ion battery powers the EM1, which Honda describes as an electric moped (hence the ‘EM’ in its name). A 270 W AC charger is used to charge the 10.3 kg, 1.47 kWh battery, and the process can take up to 6 hours.

Three colour options—black, silver, and white—are provided by the manufacturer for the model. Honda has introduced the EM1 for the European market, although pricing information is not yet available. It could debut in India later this year.