Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle 21 17 ; How To Solve, Hint

Hogwarts Legecy Door Puzzle 21 17 explained. Hint for this puzzle is Look at the symbols. A number is connected to each symbol. We have discovered a pattern by connecting the animal emblems with the numbers. Here below provided the puzzle solution with example/ explaination. For more details visit the officail website.

The huge hub at the Library Annex’s centre is where the puzzle is. To find this door in the hub’s vacant corner, use the left path as you descend the stairs. Two triangle-shaped puzzles with printed symbols and numbers must be solved i.e Equation #1 i.e 11+Horned Symbol + ?=21, Equation #2 i.e Starfish Symbol +Hydra Symbol +??=17

Demiguise – 0 Unicorn – 1 Dragon – 2 Hydra – 3 Owl – 4 Quintaped – 5 Salamander – 6 Octopus – 7 Spider – 8 Snake – 9.