Goviesetha 2516 Results Mahajana Sampatha 4221 Results 21 Aug 2020

Govisetha 2516 Mahajana Sampatha 4221 Dhana Nidhanaya 305 Mega Power 588 Neeroga Lagna Jaya 696 results available at national lotteries board, sri lanka official website as per the schedule. This results released by higher officials of NLB only. So across the country who purchase the tickets, looking for the winners list and prize money details mandatory to visit authorized portal.

Yesterday Govisetha 2515 Results Draw No: P 21 35 62 80. No one can win super prize and 1 person won 1st prize. Also, 4 members win the 2nd prize & 182 members win the 3rd prize, 4th prize winners is 423 members and 5th prize nearly win by 10732 members.

Also, 6th Prize win by 7011 members, 7th prize (Any number correct) win by 177144 members and 8th prize winners is 32398 members

Govisetha 2516 ResultsĀ 

Today announced respective results provided once officially announced. Keep follow and authorized portal i.e