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Prior to the release of the Google Pixel Tablet, Apple iPads were the prefered option if you had the money. To be more precise, more recent iPads performed better than the most cutting-edge Android tablets with more powerful specifications. But with the Google I/O 2023 event, Apple might finally come up against some real opposition.

In case you missed it, the Google Pixel Tablet includes speaker docking and home controls. You pay a great price for all of that! Thus, Google is essentially pushing Apple to defend its higher price tag with the release of the tablet. Furthermore, the debate will feel tiresome regardless of what Apple says.

The key selling factors of Apple iPads prior to the Google Pixel Tablet were its simplicity, dependability, and usability. However, it is true that over time, producers of Android-based gadgets did release several solid rivals. Take the OnePlus Pad as an illustration. But the truth is that these top-tier Android tablets could not even come close to matching the strengths of iPads, much less surpassing them.