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Google Pay Stamps Giveaway: Collect Google Pay Stamps Win Rs.2020

Last updated on 19/04/2020

Google Pay Stamps Giveaway begins. Check how to get Rs.2020 at Google Pay Stamps Giveaway article. Google  Pay previously introduced stickers before Diwali festival. At that time friends and family members try collect the stickers on “Google Pay App” and gets rewards. This time Google Pay announced welcome 2020 Offer to the users.

Through Welcome 2020 Offer users get Rs/-202 to Rs/-2020 and more rewards along the way. So check how to get rewards and more prizes here, Follow for Daily Giveaway. Any quires related to welcome 2020 giveaway ask your question at comment section with required details (Mail, Name and etc).

Google Pay Stamps Giveaway Welcome 2020   

After Diwali festival Google Pay come up with Welcome 2020. So had a smart phone (Android/ IOS) install the most secure only money transfer app i.e Google Pay, Collect the 2020 stamps i.e




4. Pizza

5. Balloon

6. DJ

7. Sunglasses

Note:- Tips & More details on how to collect stamps check below & gain gifts or rewards on this new year 2020, convert new year as a special moment.

How To Collect Welcome 2020 Stamps 

Check complete procedure here.

Pay Rs/-98 or More : Are you trying to get 1st stamp i.e Disco pay Rs/-98 or more at business or friend.

Pay Bills Or Recharge Mobile : If trying to get 2nd Stamp spend at least Rs/-300 on a bill. Minimum amount is Rs/98

Invite Friends To Google Pay: Invite friend or family member to sign up google pay, Get 3rd stamp i.e Selfie

Gift Or Request: Get 1 stamp on your gift board per friend you gift once they accept

After completion of above 4 stages user scan the number 2020 any where the you will get one stamp. Once complete the scan procedure listen to on-air ads get 6th stamp.

For more details about Google Pay Welcome 2020 Stamps Giveaway check at google pay app only.