Google Doodle Celebrates American Essayist Eileen Chang 100th Birthday

American Essayist Eileen Chang 100th Birthday today. So Google Doodle pays tribute to American Essayist Eileen Chang. This doodle reach only Taiwan. To know more about Eileen Chang here

She born at Shanghai, China on 1920, September 30 and died on 8th September 1995 at Los Angeles, California, United States. Her parents names is Huang Suquiong, Zhang Zhiyan. She married Ferdinand Reyher (M. 1956- 1967), Hu Lancheng (Married 1944-1947). She is acted few movies names is Lust, Caution, Love in a Fallen City, Eighteen Springs and more other films.

According to the wiki her occupation is novelist, essayist, playwright, screen writer, shorty story writer. She written scripts for Bu Liao Qing, Long Live The Missus, The Sorrows and Joys of Middle Age, The Golden Cangue, The Battle of Love, The Wayward Husband, The June Bride, Father takes a bride.