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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 18 January 2021 Written Update: Sayi known devi is already married

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 18 January 2021 Written Update for episode 91 season 1. Here it is the today episode promo story when sayi studied suddenly her sister-in-law comes to her back side and shouts. Then sayi leaves her book, sister-in-law says sayi got scared and turned back side. After that sayi said to her sister-in-law you’ll wake up everyone and then you will get scolded.

After that sister-in-law said to sayi earlier they never used to scold me so much but ever since i got married i don’t know why everyone scolds me all the time. Once sayi listen about marriage gets shocked and asking to her sister-in-law what are you married. Sister-in-law says yes, Sayi asking to her where is your husband. Sister-in-law says i don’t know where my husband and my infant baby is.

Also sayi asking to her you also have a child?. After that all the family members sitting at dinning room and bhavani holds say’s food plate and asking to sayi first completed household works. Siya asking to bhavani please leave my plate. Bhavani says i asking you to complete the work right now. Again siya shouts please leave my plate. Bhavani thrown sayi plate on the floor. To know today episode story follow zeal study

Today Episode Story

Sayi remembered virat words i.e with your scholarship you can’t live and must need family members support. At that devi comes sayi and try to fear sayi. Sayi asking to devi don’t shout if family members listen they scolds you. Sayi again remembered pakhi words, said to devi if you informed about pakhi, virat words i can’t listen you. Later sayi asking to devi why you can’t sleep yet. Devi says i can’t use medicines now. Sayi asking to what is that medicine, Devi says i don’t know.

Also devi says if i use medicine i will feel headache and devi informed to sayi you will become good doctor. Sayi says if i become i will complete my studies so go to sleep. Devi says no, Sayi says tomorrow my exam if i can’t study now i will fail in the exams and i will not became a dotor. Devi says no, you will become a doctor.

After that devi said to sayi about marriage. Devi says yes, Sayi asking to if you married where is your mangalsutra. Devi says i don’t no and my husband also studied doctor and he will become good dcotor. Sayi asking to devi who is your husband and what is his name Devi says i don’t no my husband and my baby. Sayi asking to devi you have baby. Devi crying and says i don’t no and i can’t met my husband.

Then sayi thinks herself what devi says is real or dream. After that sayi asking to devi please sit down and god will take care everything and you will met husband

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