Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Mein 6 April 2021 Written Update: A shocker for the chavans

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Mein 6 April 2021 Written Update begins with Virat comes to downstairs and asking to ashwini did you seen sayi. Ashwini says no and i think she sleep at room. Virat says she not at upstairs and kitchen and think where she is. Sayi and devi reached the marriage function hall. Devi asking to sayi all these declaration did pulkit for me. Sayi says and pulkit comes to them and asking to sayi anything problem. Sayi said no. At home virat asking to family members anyone seen my phone. Mohit given his phone. Pulkit said thanks, virat phone to sayi and sayi asking to pulkit let’s went inside. Sayi thinks virat know iam not yet home.

Omkar said to virat nothing problem because she done everyone time like this. Ninad said to shivani let’s check devi room. Shivani said devi also not yet her room. Sonali says i think both sayi and devi went outside. Bhawani asking to ashwini sayi please tell me anything she informed to you. Ashwini says nothing. At that time pakhi and her parents return to home. Virat asking to them did you seen devi, sayi. Pakhi father said to virat both sayi and devi sit inside the car and went some where when reached the home for holi festival.

Devi to seen pulkit feels happy. Pulkit asking to devi give your hand, Devi says pulkit you looking great and iam not looking great. Pulkit says devi you also looking great. Also pulkit says i will arranged our marriage preparations well. Again virat phone to sayi. Sayi think herself i can’t lift your phone. At home virat think himself where sayi taken devi with her. Bhawani said to virat sayi taken devi with her without informing to us. Virat asking to family member where is sayi and devi. Ashwini says i think devi feel unhealthy and sayi taken to hospital. At that time vishali also said i seen devi feel uneasy when she inside the cab.

After that vishali and her husband went their home. Once they went outside bhawani angry on ashwini because you still supports your daughter-in-law. Again virat asking to family member where is sayi and devi. Pakhi says i think sayi and devi went to pulkit home. Virat says impossible because she know pulkit incidents. Pakhi said to virat sayi did challenge to done pulkit and devi marriage. Bhawani thinks if pulkit return to this home virat know about kidnapping drama.

Ninad asking to bhawani what are you think now. Bhawani says i will think about devi because sayi again play drama with devi. Then virat said to family members if devi went pulkit home and sayi done their marriage sayi must gets punishment. At that time mohit said to virat may be sangeetha deshpandy playing drama with us. Pakhi feels shocked. Virat phone to sayi, Pakhi said to virat sayi and devi with pulkit. After that virat informed to his team and said pulkit address to them and asking to them check the place