Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Mein 3 April 2021 Written Update: Pulkit Expresses His Fear

Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Mein 3 April 2021 Written Update Episode begins with sayi, virat dance. After that Palhi decided to thrown colors on virat and thrown colors. Later virat also thrown colors on pakhi and dance with her. Later karishma comes to pakhi to thrown colors. Then pakhi realized it’s a dream. After that virat holds colors and thrown on sayi. Pakhi seen them feels jelous and went from party area. Later virat sayi covers veil, pakhi seen them what they do under veil.

Under the veil virat try to kisses sayi. At that time sayi gets phone call from pulkit. Pulkit think himself why sayi can’t lift my phone and said to madhuri i feel tension and i will phone to sayi to book cab for them but i don’t know why can’t lift the phone. Madhuri says don’t feel bad because sayi did everything ok. Pulkit says ok i don’t think bad about sayi. Later sayi remove veil and said something to virat. Virat given veil to sayi and says sorry. After that sayi lift the phone and pulkit asking to sayi everything ok, you come with devi.

Sayi says ok and informed to pulkit i will come with devi. Other end pakhi think about virat, Virat asking to pakhi everything ok. Pakhi says you asking me everything ok because i seen you what you do with sayi. Virat says we are wife and husband. Karishma comes to virat and asking to him what pakhi said to you. Virat leaves them, Karishma asking to pakhi fight happens between you. Pakhi says go and enjoy holi with your husband. Bhawani asking to virat what happen. Barkharani says why you asking like this because he done nice dance. Also barkha asking to virat where is your wife.

Virat says i don’t know but she is here only. Devi play with dolls and said happy holi. At that time sayi comes to devi room and said happy holi. Devi asking to why you can’t come to my room to play holi. Sayi says i will come here to play holi. Devi asking to sayi i will play holi with pulkit and how iam meet pulkit. Sayi says to devi i will bring you at pulkit house. Virat searching for sayi, Sunny comes to virat and speak about sayi and went to bring bhaaji. Again sunny brings bhajji and wine. Virat eat bhajji and remembered samrat and said happy holi to sunny.

After that mohit comes to virat and said to him i will play you and samrat brothers favorite asong. Once play the song sunny and virat performing dance and virat thinks he dance with his brother but later realized he dance with sunny. After that bhawani, sonali thinks where sayi is. Sayi said to Devi few mintutes later cab reached to this house and went to marriage hall on the cab from back door. Devi asking to sayi viru comes with us. Sayi says no and asking to devi ready for marriage. Also sayi message to pulkit we ready and book cab. Pulkit seen sayi message and book cab for them.

Later sayi and devi comes to downstairs and ready to escape from house. After that once they came bhawani calls sayi. Sayi stands silently.