Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Mein 2 April 2021 Written Update: Virat Confesses His Love

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Mein 2 April 2021 Written Episode 156 begins with bhawani asking to pakhi why you sit alone, said to her go to virat and barkharani performing dance. Pakhi says no. Other end virat appreciate to barkharani to performing the dance. After that ninad asking to barkharani how are you. Bharkha says iam alright, Ninad asking to omkar go and bring jalebi. Omkar brings jalebi for barkha, Bhawani asking to omkar are you given jalebi to sonali. Omkar feel nervous, Bhawani says just for fun.

After that barkharani said hi to bhawani, ashwini and other family members and asking to bhawani who is that new girl. Bhawani asking to pakhi come here, Pakhi comes to bhawani, Bhawani introduced patralekha to barkharani and says she is samrat wife. After that barkha asking about sayi. Bhawani says sayi is virat wife. Later sayi comes to barkha says happy holi. Also sayi said iam from gadchiroli. Barkha feels happy. Sunny asking to virat when you proposed to sayi. Virat says today proposed to sayi and must seen. After that bhawani asking to ashwini let’s given jalebi barkha she is our gust.

At home pulkit holds pink color saree and crying. Madhuri asking to please don’t cry. Pulkit says to madhuri i think chavan family happily agree for my marriage with devi but not happen. Madhuri says once your marriage happens with devi everyone loves you. After that sayi gets message from pulkit, suddenly virat comes to sayi and holds her phone. Sayi feels tensio, But virat says today holi so keep safe your phone and leaves. Then sayi replay to pulkit again virat comes to sayi and spread color on sayi face. Sayi asking to virat what happen.

Then virat turn backside and said i love you and turn sayi said. But sayi can not their. Sunny asking to virat please come with me. After that mohit fallen on the floor and asking sayi blessings. Karishma asking to mohit what happens you. Mohit says sayi supports me and after that sayi asking to mohit anything mix on food. Mohit says yes in food salt and pepper. Then sayi asking not like that. Mohit says sunny mix specialpoodia on bajji. After that sayi given replay to pulkit i will bring devi from chavan house to meet you after one hour, Virat and sayi performing dance for rang barse song