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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 6 February 2021 written update: Check live updates

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 6  February 2021 written update begins with Saloni asking to ashwini today we prepared specil dish for omkar. Bhawani comes to hall and said to saloni i know why you prepared speacil dish for omkar because today valentine day. Saloni feel shy and asking to karishma today valentine day, Karishma says yes. Then bhawani says ok prepared special dish for omkar. Other end sayi return to home and seen flowers which is given by virat. At that time sayi phone gets message from her college i.e when virat given phone to sayi college students taken photos of them and posted in a Whatsapp group.

Sayi holds her phone and seen the pictures, ashwini comes to sayi room and said to her nice flowers. Then sayi says this flowers given to me by virat at my college. Ashwini asking to it’s true. Then sayi shown pictures and ashwini asking to sayi what virat done at your college. Sayi says he had some work at college that’s why he comes to my college at that time he his given this flowers.
Later ashwini asking to sayi send this photos to my phone & sayi send the photos. After that ashwini asking to sayi that’s why i am asking you to went laddakh with virat. Sayi says my stuides, Ashwini says nothing happens to your studies and went with laddakh.

Ashwini comes to kitchen and preparing something and suddenly his her hands burns because of flames, Then pakhi asking to ashwini please focus on your work and do not think about others. At that time ashwini says nothing happen to me, said to pakhi please do not think about sayi, virat and pray to the god for samrat and leave the kitchen. After that virat return to home and brings the rose flower. Both sayi, pakhi seen virat with flowers. Then bhawani asking to virat why you bring this flowers, sweets. Karishma says today valentine day that’s why bring the flowers.

Virat says i not celebrated valentine day and given flowers to bhawani, ashwini, saloni, omkar and other family members. Pakhi leave the hall when virat given flowers to family members, Virat comes to pakhi and given flowers to pakhi but she said i know why you given this to me. After that virat asking to pakhi who told you i will given flowers to sayi. Again asking to virat who told you i think sayi. Pakhi says sayi don’t say anything to me. Later virat asking to pakhi taken the flowers, Pakhi taken the flower and sweets.

After that virat again given flower to sayi and sweets, All the family members think about virat he his a sweet guy.

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