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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 3 February 2021 written update: Sai clears the air

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 3 February 2021 written update begins with virat said to sayi i can not eat like this till the date. At that viji wake up and asking to virat i feel hungry and asking to virat who is she. Sayi says iam his wife, Virat said sorry to his wife. Then sayi asking to virat why you cut my phone call. Virat says i can’t get your phone call/ Then viji said to sayi i will cut the phone call because i will play the game. At that time doctor comes to virat said to him patient gets conscious.

At home sonali said to family initially samrat missing now virat. Ashwini said to saloni don’t say like this. Bhawani angry on sayi because she not think about her husband till not return to home. At hospital samrat said thanks to virat. Virat asking to samrat here in the city anyone is their. Samrat says yes my sister malathi is their please informed to her. Then virat informed to her and retutn to home with wife. Once virat return to home bhawani, pakhi asking to him where are you going because we are feel tension.

Then virat said why you feel tension because i am police. Bhawani angry on virat, sayi and ninad asking to bhawani please let him leave them. At that time sayi said to bhawani he can’t do anything wrong because he his on duty and i will taken food for him. Ashwini informed to family members i know sayi not done wrong and because of patralekha we are all fell tension. After that virat, sayi went to their rooms.

Once reached the their room sayi asking to virat aniket height. Virat says how can i know. At that time sayi wear virat cap and asking to him let’s tell me now the truth. Then virat said i will come to your college to check the how preparations going. At that time sayi said you know very well about me i.e i don’t accept lie. Then virat asking to how can you where iam. Sayi says DIG sir informed to me where you are.

Later bhawani informed to ninad, omkar about letter which is come from samrat office. Later virat asking to bhawani what is it, Omkar said to virat letter from samrat office and they asking to patralekha to sign on the documents. Then virat asking to family members i will went with pakhi to ladakh

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