Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein GHKKPM 11 March 2021 Written Update: Sayi Confronts Pulkit

Today 11th March 2021 GHKKPM (Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein) begins with devi written pulkit name on the her hands and shown to devi then thrown gifts which is given by sayi, Devi asking to don’t do like this. But bhawani couldn’t liste devi voice. At that time sayi comes to devi room and asking to bhawani why did you do this. Bhawani says she is my daughter and i will do this again. Ashwini comes to devi room, said to bhawani virat said to us he identify the truth.

Bhawani said to ashwini i will said to you again devi is my daughter i will do like this again. Devi angry on bhawani, Ashwini said to devi do not behave like this because she is your mom. Bhawani leave the room, Virat return to bank where he seen madhuri. Once virat went to bank asking to manager details about pulkit deshpandy. Intially manager deny to given the details but virat said to manager it’s very serious case. Later manager shown details of pulkit i.e Madhuri is gurdian, Harini is daughter of Pulkit.

Later manager asking to clerk comes to cabin. Once clerk entered the cabin virat asking to clerk about madhuri, harini details. After that virat think himself sayi said to me harini is devi, pulkit daughter. At college sayi think herself i will speak with pulkit about letter but she remembered virat words. At that time pulkit asking to sayi i will try to speak with you at class room but you couldn’t liste my voice. Also pulkit asking to sayi what happen and why you behave like this. Sayi given gifts to pulkit and pulkit asking to sayi why you return my gifts.

After that pakhi phone to virat and asking him anything know about pulkit and letter. Virat said not yet but i will investigate. Bhawani listen pakhi words when speaking with virat. At college sayi asking to pulkit about second marriage. Pulkit said i will promise on my daughter my marriage happens with devi only. Then sayi said today morning we get a letter on sangeetha deshpandy and on that letter she said pulkit is my husband.

Also pulkit asking to sayi why she written on me. Sayi said once virat know about the letter virat starts investigation, every one in the family try to blame you and bhawani send your gifts. Pulkit asking to sayi you trust that letter. Sayi said i will trust you but till we know the truth i couldn’t return the gifts to home. After that pulkit said to sayi please come with me administration office. Once pulkit, sayi reached administration office pulkit shown his file which consists his personnel information.

Then sayi trust pulkit words, pulkit asking to sayi please return gifts to home. At that time virat reached the pulkit college to know the details