GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9 March 2021 Written Update: Pakhi’s Sly Act

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9 March 2021 Episode story begins with Sayi asking to college staff regarding her scholarship. At that time college staff searching for scholarship and informed to her you will get double scholarship. Sayi couldn’t understand about double scholarship. At that time madam comes to her i will apply for another scholarship which is regarding promote education at small village i.e Gadchiroli. Other end pakhi phone to virat and informed to him bhawani, ninad speaking about pulkit already marriage. Virat said if pulkit married another women he couldn’t come to our home and do not asking about this marriage.

Pakhi think herself at any cost this marriage couldn’t happen. When sayi return to home sayi shown gold chain which is bring for devi to shown ashwini. Also sayi given gift to ashwini, Ashwini asking to sayi did you bring gift for ninad. Sayi said no because i will couldn’t get gift for ninad, Ashwini open the gift box and thrilld to seen Bappa statue. Virat comes to bank to withdrawn the amount for devi. At that time madhuri also come for bank to withdrawn the amount but she lose cheque book.

Virat catches madhuri cheque and seen pulkit name on the cheque. Then pulkit asking to madhuri did you know pulkit. Madhuri says yes he his my brother, Viratk asking to madhuri about harini but madhuri deny virat conversation about madhuri. At home ashwini placed bappa statue at pooja mandir, Bhawani asking to ashwini who bring this. Ashwini says sayi bring the gift. After that bhawani asking to sayi if you get the scholarship you will given money to us.

At that time sayi asking why devi mentally unstable. Bhawani angry on sayi but pakhi asking to bhawani please keep quit and both pakhi, bhawani leave the hall. Later sayi think herself something happen in this home because of pakhi. At night sayi placed the gift box on the table when virat return to home. Once virat return to home he asking to sayi what is that. Sayi said please don’t disturb me because i will studied. At that time virat open the box but he will get dancing snake.

After that virat feels unhappy and try to open the cupboard and he recognized another gift box but he couldn’t open. Later virat given money to sayi and said to her this money for devi marriage and went to washroom. Sayi asking to virat if you can’t open the gift box i will leave the home and hide her self behind the cupboard. After that virat come out from the washroom and open the gift box. Once open the gift box he will get the small tree.

Once seen the gift pakhi sayi is to different and we couldn’t understand her. Later sayi asking to virat how is my gift. Virat says it’s good, Sayi asking to virat when i return to college we went for shopping.