Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8 June 2021 Written Update: Sai Shocks The Chavans

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8 June 2021 Written Update begins with sayi. Sayi asking to pakhi why every time come between me and virat and every time keep eye on virat. Pakhi says how dare you speak like this and why iam keep eye on virat. Sonali asking to sayi why you try to blame pakhi, pakhi starts crying and asking to bhawani why sayi speak like this. Then bhawani comes to sayi how you speak like this with pakhi. After that sonali again said to sayi why you starts drama in early morning at in this house.

Then ashwini said to sonali if sayi speaks something behind that. Virat comes to downstairs and asking to sayi what happen. Sonali said to virat what happen here is next but first tell me why you sleep here on sofa. After that pakhi asking to virat yesterday night argue between you and sayi and you come to downstairs and sleep here on sofa. Then sayi said to pakhi yes i am correct because you keep eye on virat. Virat asking to sayi why you speak like this. Bhawani said to virat sayi still continues her drama in front of you.

Then ashwini asking to virat what happen between you. Virat said to ashwini i will try to rectify the issue from yesterday night and if you try to rectify the issue please solve the issue. Sayi comes to virat and holds virat hands and asking to virat please tell me everyone what happen between you and pakhi and why argue between us yesterday night. Pakhi comes to sayi and said to her you don’t understand virat cant’s speak with you. Karishma said to mohit live drama is good.

After that sunny comes to chavan home and realized him self something happens and said to virat i will come again. Virat asking to sunny please come inside because you also member of this house. Bhawani said to sunny let’s seen your best friend wife what to do here. Also bhawani says sayi let’s stop your drama, Ninad also said same to sayi and omkar joined to ninad. Then sayi replayed to omkar if you try to blame me i will listen everything. Sonali said to pakhi is virat brother’s wife and your marriage is deal.

At that time sunny gets phone call and leave the house, Pakhi asking to sayi you getting late for college so went to college. But sayi said to pakhi today can’t go to the college and i know everything today. Pakhi try to went upstairs. Sayi asking to pakhi why you went to upstairs and please stay here because we complete the issue today. Pakhi asking to sayi why iam stay here. Virat comes to sayi please tell me clearly. Then sayi asking to pakhi what is relation between you and virat. Also sayi asking to virat what you promise to pakhi.