Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6 May 2021 Written Update: Virat Prioritiess Sayi

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6 May 2021 Written Update: Ashwini starts praying and asking to the lord bappa nothing happen to my son. At that time Bhawani, Sonali feels sad, Omkar also to seen ashwini feels bad. Bhawani said to ashwini we also think about virat, Sonali said to ashwini nothing use of pasting, Bhawani asking to sonali please given some water to ashwini. Sonali given water to ashwini but ashwini don’t touch the water. Mohit said to ashwini doctor says virat operation is success and he his under observation. Also mohit asking to ashwini please eaten something. Ashwini says no.

After that karishma asking to mohit if you and ninad uncle is here who stay with virat and again says Pakhi stay with virat. Ashwini listen karishma voice and asking to mohit why you come to home. At hostel sayi think about virat and feels bad to remember when virat call to her and she don’t lift the phone. At hospital pakhi touches forehead and starts crying and remembered ashwini words. At that time virat gets conscious and think himself sayi sit in front of him and says sayi you stay with me. At that time virat try to wake up from bed but pakhi says thank god you finally gets conscious.

After that virat asking to pakhi what are you doing here and where is sayi. Pakhi says from yesterday on words iam with you. Virat says now i am alright and asking to pakhi where is family members. Pakhi says doctor says you are alright that’s why all the members return to home. Virat asking to pakhi sayi comes to seen me, Pakhi maintain silence. Again virat asking to pakhi sayi comes to seen me, Pakhi given medicine to virat but virat once again asking to pakhi about sayi.

Then pakhi says yes sayi comes to seen you. Also pakhi says iam take care of you but you try to blame me. After that pakhi says sayi comes to seen you but you are unconscious. Later virat asking to pakhi please give me my phone i will speaking with sayi. Pakhi given virat phone, Virat open his phone and seen missed calls from sayi. After that virat phone to sayi but because of no network unable to phone. Later virat asking to pakhi now i am alright so you have to go to home. But pakhi not move from hospital. Later virat says your are wife of my brother and your are my friend and sayi is my wife. Then pakhi decided to leave the hospital.