Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5 June 2021 Written Update: Virate Faces Allegations

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5 June 2021 Written Update begins with ninad. Ashwini, Sonali discussing about harinee birthday party. Ninad said to his wife already party is over so no need to discussing about pulkit and harinee. Then ashwini says party is over but new family members and new relationships is added. Bhawani feels sad, Ashwini says harinee is our grand children, Sonali says harinee is our 3rd generation child.

After that sonali said pakhi’s husband not yet home, Karishma says still pakhi nothing plan for her child. At that time virat, sayi reached the home. Sonali asking to ashwini about sayi, virat child. Ashwini says sayi only focus on her studies. Bhawani says if sayi had a child don’t understand who’s first studies or child. At that that time sayi went to upstairs.

Sonali says sayi feels naughty. Virat asking to sonali how you speaks like that. Sonalin says once marriage happens this type of discussions is common. Karishma asking to virat till sayi become a doctor you don’t think about baby. Pakhi asking to karishma virat decided on that, Karishma feels sad and think herself if asking question somebody answer delivered from somebody. Then virat says sayi is my responsibility and i can’t discussing about on that.

Also virat said thanks to family members to come for harinee birthday party and went to upstairs, Pakhi still think about samrat’s disappearance. Once virat reached his room sayi sleep on bed, virat on room lights and asking to sayi why you sleep on the floor and touch sayi hands. Sayi thrown virat hands, Virat said to her you think wrong about me. Virat asking to sayi what happen to you when family members asking about baby. But sayi still angry on virat. Later sayi says our marriage is a deal. To know upcoming GHKKPM 5 June 2021 follow zeal study update

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