Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5 August 2021 Written Update: Virat, Sayi Set Out On A Trip

chavans playing games and virat comes to them and informed to them my department plan annual get to gether trip that’s why me and sayi went for a trip. Ninad asking to virat how you can book your tickets. Virat says because of sayi accident couldn’t informed to you. Pakhi says if sayi went for this trip she feel well. At that time sayi comes to them this is official trip and if i am went for this trip scarifies my studies. Also sayi said to paki virat done so much for me that’s why i can do anything for virat.

Virat said to pakhi my self decided to informe to you that’s why i will informed to you. Bhawani said to virat pakhi also come with you. Ashwini says it’s official trip organized by his department. Karishma says if mohit also do a job we also plan a trip. Sayi says few days later i will plan a family trip. Sonali says think about your trip. Ashwini says sayi think about us. Later karishma try to blame sayi. But sayi said to karishma we know your relationship with mohit and my relationship with virat not like you and if virat something done for me it’s his responsibility.

Pakhi said to karishma don’t take sayi words seriously. Pakhi says i know police persons very well but can’t listen this type of trip. Also pakhi says till you not went for trip that’s why your department plan this type of trip. Bhawani asking to pakhi why you behave like this and asking to virat please allow to pakhi with you. Virat says it’s official trip and allowed my partner only. After that both virat and sayi went for a trip and stay at hotel. At that time sayi recognized it’s a personnel trip