Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30 September 2021 Written Update: Sayi Plans To Escape

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein GHKKPM 30 September 2021 Written Update For Season 1 Episode 311. Sonali said to bhawani, ashwini i will done everything, Bhawani said to sonali i will informed to pandit because we start puja tomorrow morning. Then sonali said i am also informed to pandit, Bhawani may i phone to relatives. At that time sonali smiles and says i am call to our relatives also. Bhawani feels also and asking to sonali about preparations of prasad. Then sonali said i am done everything but not this. Ashwini says i am taking responsibility of preparation of prasad.

Other end sayi wake up early before virat and think herself i don’t know why i am feel tension but what i am doing is correct and i given what virat doesn’t want. After that sayi holds her bag and walk forward to outside the room and return to her room to bring another bag and successfully bring another bag to outside. After that sayi move forward to main door but suddenly devi holds sayi hands and sayi feels tension. Then devi said i am the part of your secret mission so i am help you. Ashwini wake up early and pray to lord bappa.

Other end devi, sayi come forward to the steps, Devi miss the grip of bag and ashwini listen the sound and check what the sound. At that sayi and devi move back and hide themselves. Finally sayi and devi reached the main doors, Sayi asking to devi i will hide my bags and you close the doors and stand at main door. After that sayi hide her bags and said to devi our secret mission is over and said thanks to devi. At morning chavans are busy celebrating ganesh chaturthi. Sunny comes to chavans home and said to virat when samrat return to home all are feel happy.

After that karishma come outside to cut the flowers, Sayi come outside and said to karishma other side i seen beautiful flowers so go that side and cut flowers and impress family members. After that pandit comes to chavan home and performing puja, ninad and other family members sing harati songs. Later pandit asking to sayi given harati to family members and sayi done what pandit said.

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