Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 28 April 2021 Written Update: Ashwini’s Strong Accusation

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 28 April 2021 Written Update For Episode 178 begins with all the villagers starts crying when sayi ready to leave the gadchiroli. When sayi seen them don’t crying i want your blessings. Then all the villagers said to sayi please completed your father dream. Then usha asking to sayi you don’t bless me, Usha says you stay alone at nagpur. Sayi says dad with me, Usha says please take care your self. Sayi says bappa with me, Pari says bye sayi sister. Sayi said to villagers please take care yourself.

Oher end pakhi prepared tea, Ashwini comes to kitchen and asking to pakhi why you went to virat room. Pakhi says i am take care of virat, Ashwini says he had his mother and she take care of virat. Also ashwini asking to pakhi please stay away from virat. At virat room think about sayi words when ashwini brings tea for him. Once ashwini entered his room virat wakeup from bed, ashwini asking to you don’t sleep entire night. Virat asking to ashwini mom sayi return to home. Ashwini says yes she comes to chavan home one day.

Also ashwini asking to virat please pray for god one day sayi compulsory comes to chavan’s home. Sayi reached the nagpur and college. Pulkit meets sayi and asking to her when you return to nagpur. Sayi says lie to pulkit and pulkit finds her words. Then pulkit says i know you went to gadchiroli, Sayi asking to pulkit how devi is. Pulkit says why you asking about devi, Sayi says Devi is relative. Also sayi says i am went to gadchiroli to withdrawn amount from dad bank account. After that pulkit asking to sayi why you come with virat. Sayi says virat and his family asking me to leave the home.

Pulkit says after that virat comes to my home and says sorry to devi. Also pulkit asking to sayi please accept virat sorry. After that virat wear police dress and ashwini asking to virat what happen. Virat says higher authorities informed about secret mission. Ashwini asking to her son what it is, Virat says it’s confidential. Bhawani said to virat we are all your family members and you must informed to us where you are going. Virat says it’s confidential