Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26 June 2021 Written Update: Virat restores the gift

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein GHKKPM 26 June 2021 Written Update for episode 229. Today episode begins with karishma asking to sayi you don’t informed to us to went for shoping and buy a jewelry. Sayi says no i don’t go any where and virat buy this jewelry for me. Pakhi says today not your marriage anniversary, not your birthday but virat given a huge gift to you. Sayi says before going to mission virat asking me what gift you want, I will informed to him as you want bring for me. At that time bhawani comes to sayi and said to her nice pendent and i think it’s rubi.

Sayi says yes, Bhawani said to sonali i will informed to you previously i want rubi pendent and guruji also informed to me must wear rubi pendent because it’s good for me. When bhawani, sonali, sayi speak together virat speaking his phone. Ninad said to bhawani virat brings gift to his wife but it’s not fair. Sonali said to ninad if mohit brings gift to his wife, Omkar smiles because mohit earns money with the help of his rehearsals. Sayi said to bhawani i can’t informed to virat brings rubi pendent and if you want this rubi let’s taken. At that time virat stops his conversation, Bhawani said to sayi i don’t want this rubi pendent.

Sayi said to bhawani you said to me guruji said to you must wear rubi pendent so please keep with you. At that pakhi comes to bhawani i will informed to our gold smith to make this rubi pendent. Also pakhi said to sayi if someone brings gifts with love no need to given others. Sayi said to pakhi don’t worry because gift brings for us so keep with you. Mohit said to family members if virat brings gift to his wife what is your problem. Karishma asking to mohit did you bring anything for me. Ninad says it’s our joint family and we not facing this type of incidents in our past.

As sai hands over her ruby pendant to bhawani, virat firmly decided to get it back. Later, Virat reclaims the jewellery from bhawani by offering her a gift. To know upcoming episodes of GHKKPM Serial follow zeal study web portal.