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Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 22 January 2021 Written Update: Sayi try to know devi secrets

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 22 January 2021 Written Update Telly Update for Episode 95 Season 1. Here it is the today episode promo story sayi helps to devyani to help foot and said to her this bite is from sayi and asking to her come on show it to me now. Then devyani shown medicines to sayi. Once seen the medicine slips sayi comes to guest lectured and shown to him medicine. Then guest lecturer said to sayi this medicine is given to those patients who have got a deep shock. Once know the truth sayi gets shocked and listen what guest lecturer said.

After that Pulkit (Guest Lecturer) says if the patient gets hyper or aggressive when these medicine make them calm down. Later pulkit return medicine to sayi and asking to her okay tell me something do you live somewhere around here. Then sayi says no iam live in sundar nagar, Pulkit shocked and stops eating his lunch when sayi mention her address. Also pulkit remembered his time with devyani, Sayi asking to pulkit what happen sir and Pulkit said nothing and promo ends. Today Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22 January 2021 Episode 95 released on Disney Plus Hotstar on 6.00 AM before the tv.

Today Episode Story

To know why sayi asking to devyani to shown the medicine and why sayi shown medicine to lecturer pulkit & what is the relationship between pulkit and devyani follow zeal study web portal. Today episode story provided soon. Today episode story begins with devyani comes to sayi kitchen and said to her i am in your room. Sayi says yes your with me, Sayi says getting later for college and devi asking to sayi please help to me eat. Sayi says yes go to your room i will come to their. Devi went to her room, sayi bring the food to devi room. After that sayi asking to devi please show me medicine.

Devi says after breakfast. Sayi says yes and given breakfast to devi, Devi given medicine to sayi. Then sayi seen the medicine and think herself who can i ask for this medicine and remembered pulkit name and capture the medicine slips. Devi said to sayi if iam doctor wife he can given me good medicine to cure my problem. Later sayi went to college. Karishma comes to pakhi room and asking to her how is your hands now. Saloni comes to pakhi room and asking to her let’s use the cream to reduce the burn. Bhawani comes to her room and asking to saloni may i helps to pakhi because she is my favorite.

Later karishma asking to bhawani i think sayi feels burns because she also prepared spices on the day of maha bhojan. Pakhi says sorry to bhawani, bhawani asking to pakhi don’t feel bad. After that sayi met pulkit and he asking to sayi let’s tell me what is your problem. Sayi and Pulkit went to canteen, sayi given breakfast to pulkit and after that pulkit asking to sayi where are you leave here. Sayi says sundar nagar. Then pulkit remembered the days with devyani and feels sad. At that time sayi asking to him what happen. Pulkit says few years back i will leave in sundar nagar.

After that sayi shown medicines to pulkit and pulkit explained what is the use of medicine. Later pulkit askng to sayi who use this medicine. Sayi try said devi name suddenly students announced freshers party info. Sayi says to pulkit we comes to colleges for study and it’s nonsense. Pulkit says it’s college and in the college this type of programs is needed.

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