Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21 April 2021 Written Update: Omkar faces allegations

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21 April 2021 Written Update begins with virat comes to omkar and said to him i am went to pulkit college to check his documents again but i know when meet to the principal someone from our family asking to change the documents that person is omkar. Bhawani thinks herself sayi don’t says anything to virat but virat finds the truth and if omkar open his mouth virat finds the truth. Also virat says college staff vinayak shown your picture that’s why i will find the truth. Ninad asking to omkar what virat said is truth, Sonali also asking to omkar why did this and bhawani joins him and asking to omkar why you did this.

Omkar stands silently. Bhawani asking to omkar please tell me why did this. Omkar says i don’t want this marriage with pulkit. Virat says i don’t think you did this and omkar try to said something but virat says nothing to say. Also virat asking to omkar you know both sayi and pulkit don’t cheat us and also sayi says no sangeetha deshpandey and someone from our family written the letter regarding sangeetha. After that virat asking to family members who written the letter. Bhawani said may be omkar written the letter and signal to the omkar let’s say yes.

Omkar says yes, Sonali and Mohit, Karishma feels sad. Mohit asking to omkar dad why you did this. Shivani asking to her brother omkar if you feel regret go to the sayi and ask her sorry. Ashwini starts crying and said to virat where sayi is. At home sayi think about her father and starts crying. Kusum brings the modak to sayi but sayi doesn’t eat. Usha says kusum prepare for you sayi, Sayi thanks to kusum. At home omkar said to virat i am done for devi feature because my brother not alive. Ninad says omkar done mistake but what happen if omkar written the letter. Virat says i am a police officer i have to know the truth.

Sonali asking to virat please excuse omkar mistake, Bhawani says virat understand and don’t taken him to jail. Virat says because of omkar kaka mistake i will blames pulkit and asking to sayi leave the house. Ashwini asking to omkar you shared everything to your brother ninad but why you don’t said to your brother. Ninad says i don’t know what omkar did and asking to virat please tell me to your mom i don’t know anything. Virat said to his mom both devi and pulkit both feels happy and they don’t come here.