Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20 September 2021 Written Update: Samrat Defends Sayi

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20 September 2021 Written Update for Episode 302 Season 1. Pandit said to pakhi how to perform the pooja but pakhi can’t listen pandit words, samarat looking pakhi side and asking to her pandit said something you. Later pakhi asking to pandit what i can do, Pandit explains what can do and pakhi completed that and pandit says pooja is over. Also pandit said now both of you close your eyes and pray¬† so that the love in your marital life continues to grow and that there’s peace happiness and prosperity in your lives may there be peace in this house forever

After that pandit asking to samarat, pakhi please offer the flowers to the holy fire. Samarat holds the flower and offer the flowers to holy fire. At that time ashwini asking to sayi go and sit there, But sayi said no i am all right. Pulkit asking to sayi go and sit next to virat. Again sayi said no brother-in-law, i’m fine. But devi asking to sayi go and sit next to virat. Then sayi sit next to virat. Pandit given flowers to virat and sayi, asking to them offer flowers to holy fire. At that time pakhi can’t listen pandit words, Again samrat asking to pakhi let’s do what pandit said. After that pandit said now it’s time to begin lord satyanarayan’s prayer.

After that samrat said to virat no one will say anything to sayi only i will speak to her. Ashwini asking to sayi go to your room fresh up and come. Sayi said yes, But virat said sayi won’t go anywhere. Then samarat said to his brother didn’t you heat what i just said i.e no one apart from me will speak to sayi. Then virat said i will speak with sayi because she is my wife and i have the right to speak with her. Then samarat asking to virat sayi is your wife but do you consider her as your wife, If you really did you wouldn’t have locked her up in a room.

After that ninad said to samrat wait a minute im her father in law so i can ask her a question can’t i. After that ninad asking to sayi what kind of stubbornness is this, why did you have to risk your life and climb down that pipe and leave for college what was so urgent. While sayi returns to the chavan mansion with pulkit samrat confronts pakhi for her hatred towards the former. Later pakhi makes an unexpected conclusion.

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