Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20 October 2021 Written Update: Virat to sai’s resuce

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein GHKKPM 20 October 2021 Written Update for season 1 episode 328. Episode begins with shivani and other family members all set for lord ganesh pooja. Bhawani comes to downstairs and seen what pakhi done and shivani asking to samrat when sayi reached to home. Samrat said to shivani just i am speaking with virat and they leave hospital. Omkar asking to bhawani we perform this pooja because sayi return to home. Bhawani said yes and sonali and omkar said sayi leave the house without informing us. Samrat said to omkar today we perform lord ganesh visarjan so we are all feel positively. Bhawani asking to sonali let call to pandit and asking to him when he reached the home.

Sonali said to karishma just remembered this time we don’t allow to sayi feel freely in this house. At that time mohit return to home and chavans and other family members feels happy. After that mohit taken blessings from samrat and his mother and said to family members i don’t miss ganesh visarjan. Other end virat drive the car and sayi seen virat side and remembered her past. After that sai asking to where is my bag. Virat said samrat and shivan take care of your bags. After that virat express his feelings to sayi. At home ninad, bhawani wait for sayi, virat presence.

Later sayi step down the car when people celebrating ganesh visarjan. Virat searching for sayi and follow her. Ninad asking to bhawani why virat and sayi couldn’t return to home. Mansi said to family members don’t feel panic and virat sayi return to home. Omkar angry on family members because virat and sayi couldn’t return to home. Other end virat asking to people who celebrate ganesh visarjan stop music and sayi reached where she meet with a severe accident and remembered her accident and again lose conscious and lose grip. At that time virat running towards her and saved her and asking to why you step down the car. Sayi explains why he left the car