Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20 April 2021 Written Update: Sayi returns to gadchiroli

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20 April 2021 Written Update begins with sayi, usha return to gadchiroli. All the villagers feels happy to seen sayi and usha and asking to them stay with their house. Chavan family members wait for virat and devi. Pakhi asking to virat why you come alone and where is devi, Bhawani asking to same question and ninad asking to virat you arrested pulkit or not. Bhawani says no one stops me i will bring devi here. Pakhi says sayi again playing the drama. Mohit said to family members please given a chance to virat speak some words. Omkar says sayi went to pulkit home, Pakhi says you feel tension and we are with you and asking to virat again sayi creates problems for us. Virat angry on pakhi.

Villagers asking to sayi where is virat. Sayi says i will leave virat and his house. Villagers says virat married you and how he destroy your relationship. Also villagers says virat comes to gadchirolli to taken sayi. Also villagers asking to sayi virat promise you to became a doctor but now you stops studies suddenly and how you became a doctor. Sayi says i will come here for 2 works i.e with draw money from dad accounts and i wll drops you here. Usha says i am not stays here without you. Sayi says once with drawn the money went to nagpur to continues my studies. Usha asking to sayi you stay at pulkit home. Sayi says no.

Usha prays to god and says at any cost please virat known his mistake and taken sayi from gadchiroli to his home. Virat said to pakhi because of you iam angry on sayi, Ashwini asking to where is sayi. Virat said to bhawani not possible to arrested pulkit now. Pakhi asking to virat why not possible to arrest pulkit. Virat says i will done mistake with sayi yesterday. Bhawani says what you done for sayi is to small. Virat says no what sayi is done for us is to small because sayi said to us is correct i.e pulkit wife name on his original documents is devi.

Ashwini said to virat sayi informed to us is correct but we don’t trust her. Mohit said to virat you done mistake with sayi, Karishma asking to mohit please stop speaking between family members. Bhawani asking to virat what is evidence, Ashwini says she had evidence that’s why she performing the marriage of pulkit, devi. Pakhi asking to virat if pulkit loves devi why he can’t comes to our home to taken devi. Virat says please stop blames sayi. Also virat says someone from our home change the documents of pulkit