Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18 September 2021 Written Update: Pakhi Risks Her Life

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein GHKKPM 18 September 2021 Written Update for Episode 301. Samrat, devi, ashwini comes to sayi room and open the door. After that devi enter the room and said don’t feel fear we come here. Ashwini, Samrat, Devi searching for sayi and they recognized she not at room. Karishma comes to the room and says sayi not at room, Virat went to back door and check and finds she escape from home and think himself sayi went to the college and said to family members because of my challenge she risks her life and went to the college.

Shivani said you think what sayi done to win your challenge and says not at all because she done for her self respect but you don’t understand. Samrat said virat you think sayi wait for you to open the doors. Also samrat said sayi not a kid and she escape from this room through balcony and it’s not a mistake, Ashwini shocked. Pulkit at college said to sayi you wish to went to gadchiroli but virat and chavan family members don’t know what they missing. Sayi said know one feel if i went to gadchiroli and some one from chavan feel good if i leave the home and asking to pulkit please don’t say no if i went to gadchiroli because you are like my brother.

Samrat informed to bhawani how sayi escape from the home. Sonali said to samrat sayi escape from room go to the college. Ninad said i don’t believe sayi done like this and asking to virat when you both stop fighting. At that time pakhi family members comes to the chavan home, bhawani speaking with pakhi mom. After that pakhi asking to her mom why dad not attend the puja. Later bhawani asking to family members let’s start the puja. Ashwini said we start puja when pulkit, sayi return to home but bhawani said no and asking to family members let’s start the pooja.

At home chavans start the puja and both pulkit, sayi on the way to home and ashwini phone to sayi but her phone not reached. Both pakhi, samrat performing pooja. At that pakhi thrown her veil into the fire and thinks virat saves her. But samrat recognized pakhi veil touches fires and thrown water on veil. All the family members shocked, Samrat asking to pakhi are you alright. After that sayi, pulkit return to home

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