Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18 June 2021 Written Update: Pakhi Disparages Sayi

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18 June 2021 Written Update begins with virat speak with sayi. Sayi said you need me but our family members needed you so much and said to virat i will studied for tomorrow examination and went to other room. At that time virat asking to sayi you can seen a big tree. Sayi says yes, virat says on tree people seen witch. Sayi feel tension and close the window doors and comes to virat. Day changed pakhi said good morning to bhawani, bhawani asking to when you go to parents home.

Pakhi says i will plan to go to home yesterday night but i will stay at parents home for few days. Bhawani says ok, Ninad says yes we have problems if you stay at your parents home. Bhawani, pakhi smiles and pakhi says i will return to this home with in two days. Ashwini comes to hall and asking to her how many years before your parents wedding happens. Pakhi says 30 years and ashwini asking to pakhi if you went your parents anniversary party guests asking about samarat. Pakhi feels tension. Bhawani asking to pakhi don’t feel bad and asking to omkar please check once all are ready or not.

At that time ninad said to family members pakhi send message to all of us. Pakhi asking to mohit are you ready to come for anniversary party. Mohit says no because i have rehearsal. Pakhi asking to mohit please shift your rehearsal date. Bhawani said to mohit we are all went to anniversary party and asking to pakhi did you informed virat. Pakhi says no i can’t informed him but he definitely comes. Omkar asking to mohit where is your wife, Ashwini says she went to beauty parlour.

Sayi comes to downstairs and asking to ashwini breakfast is ready. Ashwini says ready and bhawani asking to sayi are you ready. Sayi asking to bhawani where you are all going, Ninad says still you don’t know where we are going after pakhi send a message to us. Pakhi says i forgot send message to sayi. While sai refuses to attend the party virat insists to take her along with him.