Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18 August 2021 Written Update: A Shocker For Chavans

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein GHKKPM 18 August 2021 Written Update For Episode 274. In today episode bhawani asking to pakhi why virat informing to lie. Pakhi says he went for trip with his wife that’s why he informed lie. Bhawani, Ashwini shocked, Ninad said to pakhi i can’t believe what you said to us. Pakhi said to family members what i am said to you is true. Omkar says if virat said lie to us we don’t trust him again. Ashwini asking to pakhi do you any proof, Mansi said to pakhi no use to you inform about virat.

At that shivani comes to downstairs and pakhi said to bhawani someone in this house know the truth and nothing inform to us. Also pakhi asking to shivani please inform the truth to family members i.e virat went for official trip or wedding anniversary trip. Later pakhi said to shivani i am listen you and mohit conversation when speaking about virat, sayi wedding anniversary trip. Bhawani said i think virat can’t do like this because he celebrated sayi birthday in front of us. Then shivani said what is your problem if virat, sayi went for a trip.

After that mohit, sunny, mohit, sayi return to the home. Karishma asking to the mohit leave your work and went for a trip with virat, sayi. Then sayi says virat asking to mohit come for a trip. Ninad asking to virat when you started saying lie to us. Later virat saying to mohit no one speaking about this trip. After that sayi speaking to chavans about surprise. Later sayi holds ashwini, mansi hands and taken them outside. At that time they seen samarat and starts crying.