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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17 May 2021 Written Update: Sayi Special Guests Arrive

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17 May 2021 Written Update begins with Ashwini, Sayi prepare lunch for pulkit, devi. At that time ashwini asking to sayi please tell me to the family members about pulkit and devi. Sayi says no because if anyone know about guests they try to destroy our plans. Ashwini says right and hugs sayi. After that sayi said to ashwini i will seen you sad when family members try to blame me. Ashwini intially says no but after that says yes.

At that time sonali, karishma comes to the kitchen and seen ashwini, sayi and asking to them what happen in the kitchen. Karishma asking to the sayi what happen. Sayi said to karishma please given the tea to family members. At that time karishm informed to sonali about bhawani plan but sonali asking to karishma please hold the tea. Other end pakhi comes to chavan, bhawani said to them i will prepared special lunch for today. At that time sonali said to pakhi no need to prepare lunch.

Bhawani asking to sonali why, Karishma said to bhawani what sonali said is correct. Then sonali said to bhawani sayi and ashwini prepared lunch for today. Bhawani think herself may be something plan both of them. After that bhawani asking to ninad did you know anything. Ninad says no. At that time mohit come from outside, ninad asking to him what is it. Mohit says it’s sayi prepared lunch today and these are groceries which is needed for lunch.

Ninad asking to mohit these groceries buy yourself with your money. Mohit says money given by virat. Sayi comes to mohit and asking about grocery. Sayi says virat know about lunch and he his given this money. After that ninad said to bhawani both sayi and virat along with mohit try to hide something from us.Then sayi said to bhawani i am invites guests for the chavan house. After that virat comes to downstairs bhavani and other family members asking to virat why prepare lunch.

Sayi not given correct answer, virat asking to sayi please focus on lunch. At that time suddenly listen calling bell. Bhawani try to open the door but sayi stops her and open the door. Both pulkit and devi stand outside the home. Pakhi, Bhawani, Ninad shocked to them. Devi, Pulkit entered the home and Devi hugs sayi