Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16 June 2021 Written Update: Virat Restrictions on Sayi

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16 June 2021 Written Update for episode 220 begins with Mohit speaks with family members you feel for sayi don’t informed to us where she stay at yesterday night but sayi informed to ashwini she stay at devi house. At that pakhi comes to mohit and asking to him about her relationship with mohit. Karishma asking to mohit please answer pakhi question. Mohit says don’t speak with me like this. Sayi comes to pakhi and asking to her how dare you speak like this and said to her what iam said to you is correct and don’t think about mohit is wrong.

Mohit said to karishma because of you all are try to blame me. Bhawani said to sayi when pakhi said to you she leave the house and also bhawani said to sayi pakhi also equal rights on this house. Then ninad said to sayi please close your mouth, Sayi asking to ninad why. Sonali asking to karishma why you are crying and said to her when sayi leaves the house mohit problems are solved. Bhawani asking to ashwini are you listen how sayi speak with your husband. Also bhawani said to still you have a time to control your daughter-in-law.

Ashwini said to bhawani sayi is still young and because of you and ninad all these happens. Omkar try to interrupt ashwini, bhawani conversation and ninad come between them but suddenly ninad falls sick during his tiff with sayi and bhawani blames sayi. At that time sayi said sorry to ninad and informed to ashwini leaving the house and running upstairs. After that virat return to home and seen what happen at house and asking to ashwini why are you crying and what happen. At that time sayi comes to downstairs.

Pakhi said to virat sayi leaving the house, Virat asking to sayi what pakhi said is correct. Also virat asking to sayi why you informed at hospital, Ashwini asking to sayi are you went to hospital. Sayi said yes after that virat restricts said from leaving the house.

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